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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Power at the Plate by Scott Ciencin is an exciting graphic novel about baseball. Jake Thorson is the best hitter in the league, but his stepbrother cut a hole in his bat Stormbreaker so it would break. If you like baseball I highly recommend this book. It was a good read.
Review Written by Nathan R., age 8

4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume
4th Grade Nothing is a really good book! I recommend this book because it’s funny, surprising, happy, and much more!
The story is all about a family who lives in an apartment in New York. There’s a nine year old boy named Peter Hatcher who has a pesky little four year old brother named Farley, but everyone calls him Fudge. Peter has a turtle named Dribble that he won at his friend, Jimmy Fargo’s birthday party.
My favorite part of the story is how it ends with Fudge and Dribble. It’s really funny! There’s a lot more surprises and laughs. So read 4th Grade Nothing. It’s a blast!
This book is one of five books in a series written by Judy Blume.
Review written by: Dixie S., age 10

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